KTABS is a not-for-profit society in Nova Scotia. We are local gamers who want to work together to encourage, promote and support tabletop and boardgaming.

Purposes of the Society: 

  • To encourage and promote tabletop and board games among people of all ages and walks of life.
  • To host events to promote the hobby
  • To collaborate with local gamers and organizations to support and encourage tabletop gaming.

The board of directors will be elected by our Voting Members (those 16 and over) every year at our AGM, normally slated for June.  Our founding and current board of directors is:

  • President: Kim O’Connor
  • Vice President: Melinda Norris
  • Secretary: Erin Gaudet
  • Treasurer: Duane Currie
  • Director at Large: Dan Sparkman

Contact us at info@ktabs.ca